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Here we list all the latest casino and sportsbook codes from the major providers, if you have a code not listed please contact us.

How it works

Promo codes are offered by certain betting sites (not all of them) they allow you to claim special offers such as bigger signup bonus, free bets, free spins or no deposit cash bonuses.

To see if we have a bonus code for your desired site simply chose a site on the left, bonus codes are updated ASAP.


SiteBonus CodeBonus Amount
Bet365_Logo.svgJust Visit Bet365 Websitesee website


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Guide to Sports Betting

If you want to place a bet on a sporting event but unsure where to start then hopefully this guide will help walk you through the process.

Step 1)

I highly recommended signing up somewhere like bet365, they are my personal favourite sportsbook for a multitude of reasons including very generous signup bonuses and top-notch customer support.

step 2)

Check for promo codes using the link on the left, always come back and check here before signing up so you don’t miss out on extra value!

bet365 promo code

bet365 promo code

step 3)

Once you’ve signed up and entered the promo code you will need to make a deposit, don’t worry your card details are totally safe, all sites listed on have been fully verified by me and are licensed in the UK. If you ever have a problem with one of the sites (and you signed up through a link on this site then drop me an email)

Step 4)

Once your deposit has been approved find the market and place your bet! congrats you’ve just made your first sports bet! Remember to double check your bet amount and ensure you are betting on the correct market.


Types of Sport Bets

Here we will walk you through the basics of a few popular betting markets!

Asian Handicap

The Asian Handicap is favoured by the experienced bettor, an Asian Handicap means a more experienced team will need to win by more goals in order for the bet to come in, ‘pushes’ are common (bet refunded). for example.
You bet £10 on ‘Team A’ -1  Asian at odds of 3.0
If the game finishes 2-0 to Team A you win £30
if it finishes 1-0 you get your £10 back.
If it finishes a draw or the other team wins you lose.

asian handicap betting

asian handicap betting

Both Teams to Score

Simple but popular, your bet wins when both teams score (otherwise known as Goals Galore)


W/D/W stands for Win/Draw/Win you select the Home win, Draw or Away Team to win.

Match Result + BTTS

Match result and Both Teams to Score, this market is getting more popular and is capable of some huge payouts on accumulators, for your bet to win you need to select team to win (or the draw) and both teams will need to score.


Casino Promo Codes

A lot of casinos offer bonus or ‘promo’ codes when signing up or making a deposit. The size of bonuses vary from big deposit bonuses,, to free spins and no deposit cash bonuses!

How to get started.

  • If you already have the casino window open, close it and come back here.
  • Find the casino listing on the left
  • Click the link and create your account using the bonus code listed.

Placing your first bet!

Once you’ve signed up for an account using the bonus code on this site you will need to make a deposit, all sites on accept the usual credit/debit cards, most accept wallets.

In order to play casino games online you need a valid browser such as firefox or chrome as well as flash.

Now navigate to the game you wish to play and open the window. I recommend playing the game in free mode to start with so you can see how to set bet amounts, some slot games can be a bit complicated. Always double check your bet amount. If you are using a bonus or promo code always check if there is a ‘max bet’ rule associated with it by reading the Terms and Conditions.

Types of Casino Games!


Probably the most popular casino game, and if you’re playing with a bonus then you will probably have to play slots in order to complete the wagering requirements! Slots range from Low to High variance. If you have a lot of wagering to do you might as well go for a high variance slot and hit a big win, if you decide to chose a low variance slot your bonus money is much more likely to just run out!

Slots have developed over the years from simple 9 way line slots like thunderstruck to complex 243 lines with multiple bonuses and free spins, slots have even started to be branded from big films like lord of the rings or the popular Marvel comics films.


A Popular table game which rarely contributes to WR unless specified. Limits vary from site to site but generally, you can play a game from 10p. If you are a high roller looking for big table limits you should look for live casino games (available at all the sites listed here) you can then play blackjack tables up to a massive £75,000 and maybe even more on request.


Roulette is possibly the most popular game due to how easy it is to play! Also it very rarely contributes to WR due to how easy it is to complete the WR by covering all the numbers or using a system. Betting on red or black usually has a minimum bet of around 10p+ for high stakes games you should look for live casinos, it’s a much more fun environment as you will be playing with real players from around the world (and with a real dealer) and table limits are much much bigger (i,e, £50k-£100k on colours)

Video Poker

A fun but high variance game which has the potential for big payouts, over the years most online casinos have developed new and improved games such as multi line deuces wild video poker (which is great fun).

In some cases Video poker can be +EV, which means in the long term playing this game is profitable. This only applies to video poker games with a progressive jackpot that has grown so large it makes sense to try and hit it. imagine a lottery which was usually £3m had grown to £100m it might make sense to buy tickets as the RTP is higher than your spend.

Other Table Games

Though less popular there are other table games such as Craps and Baccarat (popular among Asian gamblers)



3 card poker is also popular and available at live casinos listed on this site, personally I prefer it over blackjack as there is a chance of a big return rather than blackjack which is slow and steady.

Scratchcards & Instant Win

These games often have the worst RTP of any casino games, so chose wisely! Although the games are much better value than there national lottery counterparts! As of 2015 all UK casinos must display the RTP of each game on their site, so have a look for the scratchcard games, some will be as low as 50-60% while others will be similar to slots at 98%


Essentially it’s like bingo but the balls drop whenever you wish rather than waiting for a new game, you can also chose however many numbers you wish! The RTP of this game is pretty bad but much better than vegas!

Choosing a Casino

Given the massive variety of online casinos around today it may be hard to chose one to spend your hard earned money in! Follow these simple steps to get the most value.

  1. Only chose recommended casinos (i.e. any site listed here, if you ever have a problem with a site listed on shoot me an email and I’ll help solve it)
  2. How is the selection of games? If you are a slot players you probably want a  big variety of games, try Bet365 of Ladbrokes Games.
  3. Do they accept your country? Recently casinos have been cutting back on the countries they accept due to new regulations. Always ensure casinos are paying people from your country. All sites listed here accept UK residents as standard, Bet365 accept most countries while Sky Bet accept only UK and Ireland.
  4. Check the banking options! If you have a credit/debit card you’re golden, but what about PayPal, most sites accept it but not all of them! Try opening a Neteller account instead.
  5. Are the Terms Acceptable? Casinos are always updating the terms, especially those relating to bonuses. Always double check before signing up and take a screenshot just in case!
  6. Is the casino Regulated? By law all sites listed on must be approved by the gambling commission. signing up to a casino licensed in an unknown territory is highly risky.
  7.  Will you be rewarded? If you are a loyal player or a high roller you’ll want the casino to treat you right! why not send them an email asking what you can get in return if you spend £xx amount at their casino each month.
  8. Check the Bonus! Bonus amounts vary from site to site, currently Bet365 have by far the biggest sportsbook bonus with decent wagering requirements. Remember to claim bonuses after you signup as there is an expiry date. Not ready to claim a bonus just yet? then put it of for a while and signup later (just remember to bookmark this site)



WR = Wagering Requirement

The total amount of wagering you need to complete before withdrawing any more. For example a 20xD+B means you need to wager your deposit and bonus 20 times. So for a 100% match on a £100 bonus you need to wager:


The Variance in a game determines how big the swings will be, a high variance game means you can go on long cold streaks but also hit the occasional big win, low variance means your balance will stay the same or slowly decrease/increase.

Gambling Variance

Gambling Variance


The RTP is essentially the ‘Return to Player’ each game has a RTP (just ask your casino) for example a game with 97% RTP (i.e. many roulette games) mean that for every £1 you gamble you get 97p back.

RTP in Gambling

RTP in Gambling


A wallet is a system similar to Paypal, it allows you to store money online for the purpose of transferring to and from gambling sites. The most popular are Neteller and Skrill (soon to be bought by Neteller)