June 7, 2017

UK General Election Odds

Since the current British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that there will be a general election held on June 8’th to decide the countries future bookmakers have been scrambling to deliver customers with the best odds possible. When the announcement was first made it looked as if the Labour Party which is being led by Jeremy Corbyn didn’t have a chance against the conservatives. But since then the polls have changed massively and now it looks like a much more leveled out playing field.

The Labour parties chances of winning have improved unbelievably coming down from 25/1 all the way to 8/1! There are a couple of different reasons for this. The main of these being the fact that Theresa May has already made a U-turn on one of her policies before anybody has even been elected! This has made the British people question whether or not they can trust her other promises.

Below you can find the odds at the time of us writing this article, they are likely to be different at the time of you reading this. Although will give you a basic idea on who the bookmakers think are going to win this election (betfair)…

Who’s going to be the next Prime Minister?

Theresa May to become next Prime Minister- 1/10

Jeremy Corbyn to become next Prime Minister- 6/1

Boris Johnson to become the next Prime Minister- 100/1

Tim Farron to become the next Prime Minister- 200/1

Paul Nuttall to become next Prime Minister- 500/1

Which party will get the most seats?

Conservative- 1/16

Labour- 8/1

Liberal Democrats- 500/1

UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party)- 1000/1

Greens- 1000/1

Odds true  as of 6th June 17

As of right now, it is really difficult for us to make any kind of prediction surrounding the general election. Although both manifestoes have already been unveiled there has been too much change in the polls for us to make a recommendation on where to place your bet.

We are sad to say that the general election had to be suspended for a couple of days and all campaigning abandoned because of a horrific terror attack in the City of Manchester. As people were exiting an Arianna Grande concert a suicide bomber made his way into the entrance and blew himself up killing at least 22 people and injuring over 50 members of the public. Our thoughts are with everybody affected by this disgusting attack, rest in peace to all of those who lost their lives also.