April 24, 2017

Since The British Prime minister Theresa May Called For A Snap Election On June 8

Since the British Prime Minister Theresa May called for a snap election on June 8’th the gamblers have been trying to work out which side to place their penny on. This was a massive shock to the British public and bookmakers alike which make it pretty hard to decide which odds are best.

There are four parties in the UK that will challenge for leadership and these are the Conservatives who are led by current Prime minister Theresa May and have the greatest chance of gaining (in their case staying in) power. The second party is Labor and they will be led by Jeremy Corbyn who claims he will ‘overturn the rigged system’ and is the second favorite to become the Prime minister on June 8’th! These are the major parties and most likely to be elected so if you’re going to put a bet on our money would be placed on one of those two parties. The Liberal Democrats and UKIP are the two other parties likely to gain some votes in the election although it would be a massive surprise if they were to win.

Since bookies started taking bets there has been a surprisingly high amount of bets placed on the Labor party (Jeremy Corbyn) which has thrown most predictions out of the window. Most bookmakers have given better odds to people looking to put their money on Labor when compared to the Conservatives who are likely to win the election. Because this was so random the odds are likely to change massively before June 8’th and will probably look completely different to how it does now (because off polls, leadership campaigns and much more).

This goes to show just how far bookmakers will go now to make a bit of extra money, you can put bets on almost anything from who’s going to be the next James Bond all the way to who is going to be the next Mayor of greater Manchester. You are able to vote on many different elements of the election, who will win the most seats, you can even put a bet on any region in the UK (Wales, Northern Ireland, The Isle of Wight, Lancashire, Merseyside, Cornwall or Yorkshire) will hold an independence referendum to break away from the rest of the United Kingdom!

Many people claim that this Election will be a “landslide” win for the Conservatives but is any election really that simple. After trump was elected as the President of the United States it is hard to predict the will of the people, in other words, don’t put all of your money on the Conservatives because of what the media are saying. It may end up biting you in the but! Thanks for reading and remember to check out some of our other articles for the latest gambling news from around the world!