August 3, 2017

Premier League betting tips and information

Well it’s that time of year again, the premier league will start again shortly and everybody’s getting excited again. What is undoubtedly one of if not the most competitive football League in the world is yet again set to be a hard fought battle between some of the biggest clubs on the globe.


Before the league starts on the 11’th of August everybody will be thinking about who they should place their wager on to win the League. This can be an extremely difficult decision to make as every team is in with a chance. This was proven a couple of a years ago when underdogs Leicester City won a League Title for the first time in their 100 year history. Nobody expected them to win it, not even the bookies could’ve dreamed that they would. At the start of the season they were, 5000/1 to win the league.


Although this is still in most peoples recent memory, there are still only around 6 teams who are classed as contenders to win the league! These are last years champion Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United. Each of these teams finished in the top 6 of the Premier League last year and have been regular contenders for the title for the past 10 years if not longer. They’ve all cemented their name in footballing history by winning the league a number a times.


The Odds will change for who is going to win the league on a regular basis, so you may want to pick a team or two to place a stake on before everything switches up. But that isn’t the only thing you can bet on when it comes to the Premier League, in fact theres not much you cant bet on. Below are some of the different areas we found that you can now take a punt on in the hope of getting some lucky winnings! (all found on PaddyPower)

Outright winner

Top 4 Finish

Top 6 finish

To stay in the Premier League (avoid relegation)

Top London Club

Top on Christmas Day

Bottom On Christmas Day

Bottom 10 Finish

Top 10 Finish

And much more…

So with all of these different markets where will you decide to place your money? We would recommend picking a bet which might actually see you win a fair bit of cash. After all is it really worth waiting all year to win a small prize? Either that or place a large stake on something which you believe is guaranteed to happen! Below we will go over some of the odds that teams have to win the Premier League, you may be surprised by some of these!

All odds found on PaddyPower

Manchester City to Win the League- 15/8

Manchester United to Win the League- 10/3

Chelsea to Win the League- 7/2

Tottenham to Win the League- 9/1

Arsenal to Win the League- 11/1

Everton to Win the League- 70/1

Leicester to Win the League- 250/1

Southampton to Win the League- 250/1

Stoke to Win the League- 500/1

One thing that has massively risen in popularity over the past couple of years is the use of apps and the internet to place bets. Bet 365 have done a great job of capitalizing on in-play betting by having adverts at half time in games to lure gamblers into placing a bet. With everybody having the ability to place a bet in the palm of their hand online betting will continue to rise in popularity for the foreseeable future.


The position in which a team finish is not the only thing you can bet on. Many people choose to place a bet on who will score the most goals throughout the season. Although this won’t be much easier to take a guess on as there are many players who could shine and anyone could get injured at any point In the season. Although last years top scorer, the Tottenham striker Harry Kane was actually injured for around 2 months in the middle of the season. But still managed to rack up an impressive total of 29 goals.


Make sure you’re at home and ready to watch the first game on the 11’th of August between two of the biggest clubs in the League, Arsenal and Manchester City. As always we expect every team to be in with a shot in what Is set to be the most competitive season in history. Lots of money has already been spent, with Lukaku switching from Everton to Manchester United for around £90 million and Morata moving from Real Madrid to Chelsea for around £60 million. Below you can find some of the odds for players to be the premier league top scorer this season.

Top Scorer

Harry Kane- 3/1                   Javier Hernandez-25/1

Romelu Lukaku- 4/1           Christian Benteke- 33/1

Sergio Aguero- 5/1             Jermain Defoe- 33/1

Diego Costa- 6/1                 Olivier Giroud- 33/1

Gabriel Jesus- 7/1               Eden Hazard- 33/1

Alvaro Morata- 7/1            Manolo Gabbiadini- 40/1


Although it would be classed as safe to place your stake on Harry Kane seen as he’s been the top scorer for two seasons in a row, you never know whats going to happen! It is also likely there will be a couple more transfers before the season starts so you may want to wait a couple of weeks.


With only a few weeks until the first game we hope that this article has helped you decide the best place to place your stake, as well as giving you a bit more knowledge on the premier league in general. One last piece of advice we have to give people is don’t think that anything is set in stone, Injuries, bad decisions, last minute goals and much more will have a massive effect on the end result. Don’t be surprised if the team that is top at Christmas don’t even get In the top 6 in other words! Thank you for taking the time to read our BPL betting guide and we hope you decide to check out some of our other great pieces. We also have a guide on the EFL Championship which is great for football lovers, and gamblers alike!