May 24, 2017

Pennsylvania close to passing Sports betting bill

A while back now proposals were made to allow betting on Sports in Pennsylvania, they came slightly closer to fruition today. This is because the bill has finally passed through the states House Gaming oversight committee. The bill (HB 519) will lead to the amendment of title 4 of the Pennsylvania consolidated statutes in ‘providing for sports wagering and for powers and duties of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board; imposing penalties; and providing for sports wagering tax and local fee assessment’.

The legislation had no trouble passing and won by 13-1 in a vote by the oversight committee. Although this is a major step in bringing sports betting to Pennsylvania there are still many obstacles that need to be hurdled before you’ll be able to place a bet. As it stands today there is a federal law against betting on sports across the United States. However, this act has been debated in recent times and many people think that the government will soon allow states to decide whether or not they allow betting on sports.

A couple of states have decided to go ahead and prepare for what may be the very near future and have decided that they will allow betting on sports. A surprisingly low amount voted to allow these types of bets. The four states are Nevada, Oregon, Montana, and Delaware.