May 22, 2017

NYX Revenue receives massive increase in revenue

NYX are a gaming company that generaly specialize in making animated games that have been designed to bring gamblers back time and time again to enjoy the gaming experience as well as spending their money. NYX have seen a massive rise in revenue In the year of 2016 and have official made it their best year in the company’s history! They have some really popular games from the Great wild Elk all the way to Gorilla go wild and continue to design and create more as we speak. They offer customers a massive variety of options and give access to over 2000 different games!

The company grew at a rate of around 46% if you ignore the impact that other companies had on their growth. Their EBITDA for the period came to $42.7 million, growing a massive 305.3% year on year. They also have a gross profit of 144.2 million last year which is an incredible number.

NYX posted a revenue growth of 213% in its report for the full year of 2016, making their overall revenue an estimated 160 million dollars. 2016 was also a good year in terms of signing new deals and agreements, 11 new deals and six new clients were established in the first part of 2017! If they chose to they’ve also been granted permission to expand their market/content to British Columbia. The CEO of NYX Matt Davey stated “This was a transformational year for NYX. With the integration of OpenBet now substantially complete, we are ideally positioned as a leading provider of sportsbook, gaming technology, and NextGen content to the regulated gaming market. Since the beginning of 2017, our new operating model has been delivering an improved cost structure that, combined with our growth strategy, will result in increased operating leverage”

With the gambling industry taking new and unexpected turns around the world every day we’re sure that NYX is more than happy about the recent growth of their company and hope this newfound success carries through to 2018. Thanks for reading and feel free to check out some of our other pieces from around the gambling world including the latest special offers and promo codes from top companies.