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Mecca Bingo Promo Codes for 2018 - Massive Bonuses

Mecca Bingo Promo Code


Spend £10, get £40 + 20 free spins

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When it comes to playing bingo online in the UK, there are a few big names that come to mind. One of those big names is undoubtedly Mecca Bingo, which is a huge force in the world of bingo and for good reason.

This is one of the best places to enjoy the game of bingo, as well as to be in with a chance of winning big and giving your finances a healthy little boost.

And now there are even more reasons to play!

If you choose to play at Mecca Bingo and you follow the links and use the promo codes that we’ve provided, then you’re going to find that you get even better bonuses than other players. This will help you to get started while giving you the best chance of winning big and ensuring that you can take part in all the most exciting rooms and games.

How to Use Promo Codes

So how do these promo codes work?

The answer is simple: these codes are offered by Mecca in order to encourage more new players to sign up. These offers include things like free play for beginners and extra cash in the bank when you start out.

We have partnered with many of the biggest bingo sites online, which means that we have access to promo codes that other sites do not. You can start using them simply by following the links on this page and as a result, you’ll gain access to awesome bonuses!

This benefits everyone: we get to help new players save money and keep our visitors happy, while Mecca gets new players. Note however that this does not mean we have to say nice things about the bingo sites we review! We have promo codes for all the big bingo sites so there is no motive for us to say one is better than the other: all our reviews are completely honest and objective so you know where the best place to spend your cash is!

With that said, let’s take a look at Mecca Bingo in a little more detail and see if this is a company that’s worth playing with and whether you can trust them to make good use of your hard earned cash!

A Bit About Mecca bingo

Let’s start by taking a look at Mecca Bingo as a company. Is this a good company to play with? Where did it come from and what is its history?

Well, much like Gala Bingo, Mecca Bingo is a big name in the UK where it has a great reputation as one of the leading providers of bingo. The site is by far one of the most popular but this is actually not the only aspect of the brand’s business. Rather, you can also play with Mecca by visiting one of its clubs located in pretty much every major town and city in the country. This means that if you want to have a taste of the Mecca experience, all you need to do is look up the location of your closest club on Google Maps and then head on over!

What’s great about this is that you can actually play both online and in person. The website offers a great place to get involved in the community and even to build friendships – and then you can meet up with those players when you visit the real club!

This also means that you get the confidence of going with a ‘known brand’ when you choose Mecca. Some sites that offer Bingo and other forms of gambling can be a little on the shady side. That is to say that you won’t always know if the company is going to honour its commitments – sometimes it can be hard to withdraw the cash that is rightfully yours for instance and in other cases, it can be impossible to get hold of customer service.

With Mecca, you know that you’re going with a company with a real presence and that you can rely on. You can even visit the brand in person if you are having problems getting a response!

Mecca Bingo Review

So how does Mecca stack up when you actually sit down and get playing?

Site Design and Layout

The first thing that will strike you when you visit any new Bingo site for the first time will always be the design and layout. Early on, this will give you an indication of what your experience is likely to be like: whether it will be quick and easy to find the games you’re looking for and whether it’s laid out in a way that’s fun to use.

In those regards, Mecca Bingo is off to a great start. The site is very logically laid out and is very colourful too. In fact, this is a site that feels and looks a lot like Gala Bingo in terms of where everything is – whether or not that is intentional is up to you to decide!

The colorscheme is various shades of pink and purple, which admittedly could be a bit of a divisive point for some users, but it works overall. At the top, you have your menu and a slider that shows off some of the best features and games. A nice feature is that the top of the main page (just beneath the slider) is a selection of games just about to start. For existing members, this makes it very easy to quickly jump into a game.

What’s also apparent right from the offset, is that there is a wide range of different games to play each with different entry prices and different prizes. The entry prizes are often miniscule – games can cost as little as 1p to play!

Like Gala, Mecca offers a host of games other than Bingo too – such as slots. There are plenty of themed games, with some of the most fun ones being ‘X-Factor’, ‘Doctor Love on Vacation’, ‘Jewel in the Crown’ and more. There’s a very wide selection here in fact and so it should be no struggle to find a game that will suit your particular tastes.

Another thing we like about the site – and that you should always look for with sites like this – is that it uses a responsive design. Suffice to say that this means it will work on a big desktop PC, or on a mobile while you’re on the bus. You can literally play anywhere!

Prizes and Bonuses

Mecca is very keen to win favour with new members and is always offering some kind of bonus for newbies as a result. Right now, if you sign up with a £10 deposit, you’ll get a £50 bonus to play with! That gives you the opportunity to try out a vast range of different games – and it means that you can play for a long time before ever needing to stock up on credit again. Remember: some of these games cost just 1p to play.

What else can you get for 1p?

That sign-up bonus is also higher than Gala’s, so if you’re looking for somewhere that will be generous to new members, then Mecca might just be a very good choice for you!

Then again, it’s worth noting that there aren’t as many other bonuses or prizes compared with some of the competition. And this is also true of the actual pay-outs. In general, prizes are considerably lower here but that reflects that deposits are lower and that you can spend less on your initial deposit. In fact, you can start playing for as low as £5.

Note though that by using our promo codes (click the links), you’ll be able to get some more offers and bonuses not available to the rest of the site. This is a great way to play for less, so certainly give it a try if you like the sounds of Mecca but are put off by the lack of offers and deals!

The key takeaway here is that Mecca Bingo is a more ‘low stakes’ bingo site. Now that’s going to be perfect for some people and we have to praise the company’s ethics here. Their main concern is that everyone has a good time and no one ends up out of pocket.

Those that want to win massive though would be better to check out Gala Bingo or another site (check out our reviews here).


In conclusion, Mecca Bingo is a great site for those that want good, clean fun. There’s a huge selection of low-stake games that are expertly presented and that are great to play and well balanced. The company cares about its customers, it has a good ethos and it has a fun community feel. Throw in the bonuses we’re offering with our Mecca Bingo promo codes and you have a generally fantastic choice for getting started. In fact, that’s probably who we would recommend this site to – to beginner players that want to dip their toes in and try out some bingo!