June 14, 2017

Ladbrokes Extend Their Sponsorship Of The Scottish Football League

This probably won’t come as a surprise for most fans of Scottish Football, but Ladbrokes have decided to extend their sponsorship of the SPFL. This multi-million pound deal will last until the end of the year and be worth an estimated 2 million pounds. There are betting companies sponsoring every possible part of Scottish football and we don’t see that changing anytime soon.

It’s not just the league, but the league cup and the two biggest teams in Scotland (Rangers and Celtic) are also sponsored by betting companies. Although this extra investment may be welcomed by the players and teams many members of the public are not happy about how much bookmakers are involved in the countries football. They say that this creates an atmosphere that will lead to more gambling addictions and problems in the future, and also makes it much harder for people trying to beat a gambling addiction to enjoy a game of Football.

There is an option to extend this deal for another season at the end of the next football calendar. Which in our opinion is likely to happen, seen as Ladbrokes are now going into their third year of sponsoring the Scottish Premier League. At the moment William Hill sponsors the Scottish Cup. Every club in the league has had to agree with and accept the Ladbrokes sponsorship before it was made official and we have full confidence that this will be a successful and prosperous sponsorship!