July 29, 2017

Ladbrokes deal with TRP (the Racing Partnership) Finalized

One of the biggest bookmakers in the United Kingdom, Ladbrokes has managed to finalize a deal between themselves and Horse racecourse owner TRP. This means they will now be legally allowed to show any races at their courses in Ladbrokes branches around the country. This comes as good news for not only both companies but the public who have been struggling to watch certain horse races.


It wasn’t as easy as expected to get this deal done, mainly because of the twos previous disagreements. Ladbrokes recently admitted to showing certain races from TRP courses without any of the correct contracts or legal rights to do so. This led to what we can only describe as a stand off between them and TRP, where races were blacked out and Ladbrokes shops on certain courses were made to shut. ARC has a total of 15 Racecourses as well as seven independent tracks. So this Stan-Off really wasn’t positive news for either party.


Ladbrokes are now able to show live races in all of their 3,800+ shops around the United Kingdom. Their Chief Executive Jim Mullen has his say on the new deal “We are pleased to have struck a deal with The Racing Partnership which gives us a joint incentive to grow the sport. Horseracing is part of our heritage and, despite the vast choice of sports to bet on in the modern era, it remains a core product for our business, so it is a positive development that once again all our customers, in shops and online, can enjoy a full range of horse racing action.”


It was also recently announced that this deal will also include any horse racing events held by TRP in South Africa, which is great news for fans of the sport.  The ARC Chief executive Martin Cruddace also added


“We are delighted to have agreed this deal with Ladbrokes Coral. It is a testament to the symbiotic nature of racing and betting that we have been able to agree a deal based on sound commercial principles for both parties.

I am very grateful for the patience and support of my shareholders. We look forward to working with everyone at Ladbrokes Coral as we move into a new era of collaboration and co-operation.”


Hopefully there won’t be any further blackouts on screens whilst people are trying to find out their Horse won! Anyway thank you for reading and we hope to see you again in the near future.