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Ilani Resort Popularity - Casino Promo Codes

May 16, 2017

Ilani Resort Popularity

The Ilani Casino resort that has recently opened in Clark County, Washington. Since it opened its doors the Ilani Casino had attracted thousands of customers with many people even deciding to queue outside the resort in order to ensure their place inside. Even the weather wasn’t the greatest these gambling enthusiasts were more than willing to wait for the $510 Million Casino complex to open its doors, after years of legal battles and other issues we’re sure that Ilani is happy that the casino resort is finally up and running. With loads of slot machines, game tables, restaurants across the 368,000 square foot resort, there is something for every gambling enthusiast to enjoy throughout their visit.

Developers of the resort hope to bring in around 4-5 million visitors each year and hope to provide loads of jobs for local residents. Seen as this is more than just a Casino that number isn’t too far-fetched! If you know somebody who enjoys gambling and always makes you come to the casino with them then this could be the perfect place to take them! Not only can you visit the on-site shops, but you could also go and grab some amazing food at one of the 15 stunning restaurants or grab a drink at the bar; all of this while they have the time of their life on one of the 2500 slot machines or 75 gaming tables.

Tribal Chairman William Iyall is extremely impressed with the finished building and hopes it helps usher their business into a new profitable and successful era. He said, “This is a triumphant moment for The Cowlitz Indian Tribe because it marks the end of a 160-year journey back to our homeland and the beginning of a new journey”.  After a 7 year journey just to get the construction of the Casino approved we can see why he’s extremely happy about the finished project and is looking towards the future. The confederate tribes of Grande Rode and many other companies were doing everything they could to stop this from happening,

There is no doubt in our mind that this is one of the best casino resorts In the area and shouldn’t be overlooked by and gambling enthusiast! Thank you for reading and make sure you check out some of our other pieces to stay updated with all the news from around the gambling world!