June 18, 2017

Is There A Gambling Problem In Australia?

In recent years there has been a massive surge in the number of people placing regular bets in Australia. According to studies, the majority of Australians gamble every week, this is a massive issue and one which needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. These people will be wasting thousands of Dollars a year all in the hope of winning big, but why has this happened and what can the government do to stop it?

Many experts have blamed the massive increase in the number of online bookies that are appearing day in, day out and. This may be hard to believe but one in five people have regularly engaged in online gambling according to studies. The Lottery still remains one of the top sources of gambling drawing in just over half of all bets placed (52%), pokies are next on the list drawing in only 20% of the country’s total income through Gambling. Horse racing isn’t far being at 19% followed by online betting on Sporting events at 18% with gambling at the Casino counting for 14%. These different avenues of gambling are all working together to try and persuade members of the public to put their hard earned money down, in the hope of winning a big sum.

The average Aussie gambler has spent a stunning $3100 at the bookies or online, every year! It has also been found that men a prone to placing more bets and are more likely to gamble than women. With online gambling gaining more support throughout the country it is more than likely this problem will get worse before it gets any better! Although the Australian government is trying to ban bookmakers advertisements in live sporting events. It is hoped that this will drastically reduce the number of in-play bets being placed as well as allowing people to enjoy an event without being reminded to place a bet every 5 minutes!

Deborah Southon is passionate about reducing the number of gamblers around Australia and blames online bookies for the recent problems. She said, “A lot of these young kids have grown up with the internet and they are now comfortable with it, we’ve seen an explosion in the last four or five years”. This only backs up what we’ve already said about the recent rises. She raises an important point that the younger generation is much more likely to use online services over actually going into bookmakers when compared to an older person. This is because it’s much quicker, easier and they feel confident using the internet.

We hope to see the number of regular gamblers drop over the next few years around Australia and hope that the government takes this as a serious problem. Thank you for reading and be sure to check out some of our other articles to stay updated with all the news from around the gambling world.