June 10, 2017

GambleAware Calls For Statutory Levy On Betting Companies

GambleAware has been working in the UK with all different parts of the betting industry to try and make it safer and stop gambling addiction throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. They have already done a fantastic job and we hope that they continue to do so for the foreseeable future. At the start of this year, they set a target of 10 million pounds in donations. This is to help run the company and put more money into campaigns aimed at gamblers across the countries.

Unfortunately, they didn’t manage to reach this goal and fell just 20% short, although that means that they did manage to raise 8 million. This is a key company in the overall regulation of gambling in the UK not only do they advise the Gambling Commission but also the actual government of the UK listens to their advice. They aim to ensure that everyone who gambles does so safely and responsibly.

They have estimated that there is a quarter of a million people throughout the UK with a  serious gambling problem. Or at least one which will have a profound effect on their life. There are an estimated half a million members of the public who are at risk of developing a gambling addiction/problem. These numbers are surprisingly high; both GambleAware and the UK government are working extremely hard to lower them as we speak! Although the charity claims that only around 3% of those people who are at risk are actually getting the help that they need.

As it stands today only betting operators who chose to have to give any money to GambleAware. They are now expecting all companies to start donating into the program and have stated: “we all need to do more to raise awareness of the services available to ensure sufficient capacity to meet increased demand.”

“this requires all businesses that profit from gambling to step up to the plate in the next twelve months to help us achieve our objectives.”

“While we continue to see the merits for maintaining the voluntary system of funding for research, education, and treatment, our first priority has to be providing sufficient help for all those who seek it, so we would not hesitate in supporting the commencement of a statutory levy if the voluntary system fails to deliver.”

It is obvious that this year that system has failed and has not brought in enough funds to ensure the company can reach everybody who needs their help. If a statutory fee is put in place bookies will probably wish they put more money in the voluntary fund as it will cost them much more, in the long run, this way. Although with most bookmakers making unbelievable amounts of profits they shouldn’t mind contributing towards helping members of the public with gambling problems! Thanks for reading and feel free to check out some of our other pieces to stay updated with all the news from around the gambling world.