June 8, 2017

Controversial Donald Trump Odds From Paddy Power

Since becoming the President of the United States Donald Trump has caused a lot of controversies, this is no surprise to most people and we all knew that his reign as the leader of the country would not be simple. There are many media outlets who are clearly against Trump being in this position of power and will do anything they can to get him taken out of power.

Since the media got a hold of the fact that Trump released classified information about ISIS to Russian Officials there has been a massive upsurge in the number of people calling for his Impeachment. Although many Americans see no problem with Trump giving a country who is also in the battle against terrorism information about the largest terrorist group on Earth today. But this also poses a massive threat to every country around the globe that shares their information with the United States and makes them ask if they can trust Trump.

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power have decided to take advantage of this by offering customers 2/1 odds on Donald Trump being Impeached. Something which many people not only hope but believe will happen. This has caused a fair share of controversy in the gambling world mainly due to the advertisement they used to let gamblers know about this offer. It shows Donald Trump with a sad face, behind what can only be described as bars (very much like a prison). He is also wearing a red Soviet Russian tie.

The leak with Russia is not the only thing which has raised eyebrows surrounding Trump in recent times. There have also been many questions asked about why he fired the now former FBI Director James Comey. Many people believe that this was because the Bureau was close to making some unwanted discoveries about Trump. They also have Odds on other thins surrounding the Presiden of the US these include, Trump, resigning at 15/8 and you can even place a bet on the FBI confirming a collusion between Trump and Russia at even smaller 5/4 odds.

Although there has been nothing too serious as of yet Donald hasn’t even been president for a year as it stands and it is becoming increasingly difficult for him to professionally run the country. Thanks for reading and always gamble responsibly!