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Connor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Jr - Casino Promo Codes

July 25, 2017

Connor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Jr

In what is set up to be one of if not the biggest boxing matches in history, all of the bookmakers are trying to get their piece of the pie. Mayweather vs McGregor is going to be a battle between two of the biggest egos in sports entertainment and will be watched by millions of people around the world. IF you’re a fan of fighting not only Boxing, but also MMA then this bout should appeal to you. Bookmakers such as PaddyPower are already taking in bets for this fight and they believe that Mayweather has the best chance of winning.


That comes as no surprise seen as this will be UFC Superstar McGregors first ever out and out boxing fight. Although he has managed to stack up a couple of wins in the Octagon stepping into the Boxing world is completely different and many fans believe that McGregor has completely under-estimated Floyds ability. Although we have no idea what to expect seen as this is his first ever fight in the sport, he could cause one of the biggest upsets in Boxing History in August 26’th!


There are many valid reasons that people say he isn’t in with a chance, the main of these being the fact that Mayweather has never lost a Boxing match. Although some of the results have caused a lot of controversies he has certainly cemented his name as one of the best Boxers in history. He has won all 49 of his professional boxing matches and 26 of those wins have been by knockout. He even won a Bronze Medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. With nearly 20 million Pay-Per-View buys and over $1.4 Billion Dollars in revenue from Boxing alone you can’t question the fact that Floyd is one of the all time greats.


Many people have asked why does McGregor even deserves the opportunity to fight such a legend; when there are Boxers who have been working to fight Floyd their whole lives. There are a couple of reasons for this, first of the fans want to see this fight. McGregor has become a household name for MMA and UFC fans after capturing both the Featherweight and Lightweight titles in the Octagon. Which makes him the best fighter at that weight, and Floyd has won a total of 15 World Championships, as well as 4 lineal championships in 4 different weight classes.


Who wouldn’t want to see these men, two of the best fighters on the planet clash in the ring? Anyway, below you can find the latest odds on the bout brought to you by PaddyPower…

Overall winner (PaddyPower)

Floyd Mayweather Jr to win- 2/11     Draw- 50/1     Connor McGregor to win- 4/1


Round Betting (PaddyPower)

Round 1- Mayweather- 20/1     McGregor- 25/1

Round 2- Mayweather- 18/1     McGregor- 25/1

Round 3- Mayweather- 16/1     McGregor- 25/1

Round 4- Mayweather- 12/1     McGregor- 25/1

Round 5- Mayweather- 12/1     McGregor- 33/1

Round 6- Mayweather- 10/1     McGregor- 33/1

Round 7- Mayweather- 10/1     McGregor- 40/1

Round 8- Mayweather- 10/1     McGregor- 40/1

Round 9- Mayweather- 12/1     McGregor- 50/1

Round 10- Mayweather- 16/1     McGregor- 50/1

Round 11- Mayweather- 16/1     McGregor- 66/1

Round 12- Mayweather- 20/1     McGregor- 66/1


Bookmakers around the world will be extremely happy that this fight is actually taking place. It is expected that more bets will be placed on this bout than any other fight in history. With an estimated $30 million dollars to be placed in stakes around the world; every betting company will be competing to get your hard earned cash. Because of everybody’s belief that Mayweather will win this battle it is likely that the majority of bets will be placed on him however this isn’t the case.


Because McGregor’s odds are much better many people may think it’s worth placing a stake on him at the chance of winning big. After all to win anything on a Mayweather win you would have to place an extremely large sum. It turns out that in certain places there have been 13x more bets on McGregor than on Mayweather to win the fight.


A lot of big money bets have already been placed on this multi-million-pound fight and it’s hard for us to say who will come out on top. On May 30’th Westgate took a $50,000 bet on Mayweather to win at -800, this was before the fight was even made official. If that bet is won then the stakeholder will win a massive $6,250 in profits. CG technology has also reported taking in a $45,000 bet on Mayweather to win the bout. That’s nearly 100 thousand dollars in those two bets alone, and the fight isn’t taking place for a while yet!


The odds are likely to change a lot before the fight as bookmakers see where peoples money is being placed, press conferences and other factors. So make sure if you see some attractive odds you place your bet sooner rather than later. If McGregor does somehow manage to pull off an upset the bookmakers will probably lose the most money out of everybody. Many companies started out with 10/1 odds on McGregor to win and have since lowered them slightly due to the massive amount of bets placed.


Make sure you don’t miss out on what is set to be one of if not the biggest sporting event in history. With millions watching around the world and both men’s ego’s on the line it couldn’t get much bigger! Saturday, August 26’th is the date to remember and we hope that this fight turns into one of the all time classics; although many people think that Floyd will teach Connor a lesson in boxing, you never know! Thank you for reading and we hope that this has helped you decide who to place your bet on as well as educate you on both fighters, for all of the latest news from around the gambling world be sure to check out some of our other pieces.