August 1, 2017

Bet 365 taken to court by Teenager over missing winnings

In recent years Bet365 have established themselves as one of the biggest gambling companies in the UK and have completely revolutionized betting. They were the first company to offer in-play betting, and have added hundreds of employees and owner Peter Coates has since bought back his beloved Stoke City Football club.


However, the company has recently been brought into the Spotlight for all the wrong reasons. A student is suing them for refusing to pay out a £1 million winning bet that was placed by Megan McCann. She was only 19 at the time of placing this bet and probably couldn’t believe her luck when it paid off! A battle that will take place in the High court in Northern Ireland. We find it strange that a 19 year old student will be taking on the wealthiest businesswoman in the United Kingdom. Megan claims that Bet 365 owe her a total of £1,009,960, when you take into consideration the fact that Denise Coates (Co-owner) of Bet365 is worth an estimated 3.2 Billion Pounds this is nothing!


It wasn’t as if Megan McCann took no risk herself when placing this wager, she put a massive £25,000 bet on 12 horses, in four different races. From these bets alone she won a huge £985,000. Betting giant Bet365’s chief executive denise Coates who we spoke about earlier has out and out refused to pay the winnings. She claims that the bet was in a “flagrant breach” of their terms and conditions. They have said the bet was clearly placed by a ‘third party’ and is therefore not valid.


However, Miss McCann herself had denied any wrongdoing. The successful wager involved a total of 960 £13 each way ‘lucky 15’ bets placed on 12 horses running in the 6.10 at Bath, 7.00 and 8.30 at Naas in Ireland and at 7.20 at Kempton.


The day after winning the bet Miss McCann contacted Bet365 with the hope of withdrawing her money. At first the companies online chat service congratulated miss McCann on her amazing win. The following day everything still seemed fine when she received a phone call from a different member of staff, they asked a number of questions and then told Megan that the money should be in her account within the next 48 hours. This obviously never happened and this was a massive disappointment for Megan.


She didn’t even manage to get her stake of nearly £25,000 back and is currently waiting to see if she will receive anything. Bet365 are sticking with the claim that Miss McCann breached the no third party rule. This could be a long lasting case and probably won’t be solved for a while. But we hope that Miss McCan finds a way to get her cash back and doesn’t have to spend even more in the process!

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