May 4, 2017

Bet365 Admit Mistake In Issue With 54000 Accounts

One of the world’s largest bookmakers Bet365 have taken the blame for a problem which one of their customers experienced whilst trying to access their winnings of over fifty thousand pounds! Bet365 have denied a customer access to their account for 12 months and has been in lots of trouble since trying to tell the bet maker involved that they would soon be charged a 5% ‘administration’ fee. They said that they could remove this 5% once every 28 days until the account balance reaches 0!

The customer which they sent this to was also told if they wanted to avoid this charge they must log into their account and withdraw the remaining funds. The first charge would be around 2,700 pounds, which nobody wants to lose without a fight! Although the problem with this is that Bet365 have taken away their ability to log into their account nor withdraw their funds.

This case has been open for a while now and it looks like the dispute may finally be settled. Since April last year, the account holding all of these winnings has been frozen. There was no particular reason for this other than the fact that this customer had just placed multiple successful bets on horse races. This customer was also told that if she wanted to put any bets on in the future that the maximum stake she will be allowed to place in one pound.

After this had happened she decided to try and transfer the money from her account onto her debit card, this didn’t work and continued not to after multiple attempts. Because of this, she decided it was time to start an official complaint to the IBAS (Independent betting Adjudication service), they have been reviewing the case since November and are expected to come up with a verdict in the near future.

Because the account was left frozen for so long the ‘dormant’ account policy started (after exactly 12 months). The customer was sent an E-mail to notify them that Bet365 would be extracting an administration fee of 5% every 28 days from the account balance until it is withdrawn. Although when they replied to the customer Bet365 they said that the E-mail had been “submitted in error” which pretty much means they didn’t mean to send it, seems a bit odd coming from a multi-million-pound company?

IBRA’s ruling will be watched with a close eye by both Bet 365 and the waiting customer, although most companies will probably have an eye on this as well as it’s pretty strange for the IBAs to investigate claims like this. Should they rule on the side of the customer this case will be seen as a massive decision by campaigners who work for increased protection for all customers against potentially unfair terms and conditions brought onto them by bookmakers/gambling operators! Bet 365 have admitted that it was an error on their side in this case although it could’ve ended badly if they did decide to take over 2500 pounds from a customer!

Many people are surprised that Bet365 still try to impose the same administration fee on every account no matter the winnings being held there. Taking 2,700 pounds from a customer shouldn’t be seen as a small figure and needs to be thought through thoroughly by their team! Thank you for reading and check out some of our other articles to keep up to date with all the news from around the betting world!