Michigan makes over $4 Billion in taxes from Gambling

The 11’th largest state in the US Michigan legalized gambling just over 20 years ago, since that moment they’ve managed to raise an incredible amount in taxes from the industry. Three casinos that operate in the largest city Detroit have paid a total of $4.5 Billion, a figure which is truly astounding (these figures come […]

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53 cases of suspicious betting Flagged by ESSA

The gambling industry is always trying to make sure that there aren’t any fake, staged or suspicious bets being placed. This is much harder than many people think it would be. With millions of bets being placed around the world every day, it can be extremely difficult to have somebody checking all of them. Recently […]

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Bet 365 taken to court by Teenager over missing winnings

In recent years Bet365 have established themselves as one of the biggest gambling companies in the UK and have completely revolutionized betting. They were the first company to offer in-play betting, and have added hundreds of employees and owner Peter Coates has since bought back his beloved Stoke City Football club.   However, the company […]

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Google Play Store to change guidelines on Gambling Apps

The google play store is one of the biggest stores in the electronic world, they are a digital distribution app that provides Android users with games, applications music, books and much more. Since 2008 they have led the market and millions of different application have been downloaded through their store. Obviously owned by the global […]

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Connor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Jr

In what is set up to be one of if not the biggest boxing matches in history, all of the bookmakers are trying to get their piece of the pie. Mayweather vs McGregor is going to be a battle between two of the biggest egos in sports entertainment and will be watched by millions of […]

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Is There A Gambling Problem In Australia?

In recent years there has been a massive surge in the number of people placing regular bets in Australia. According to studies, the majority of Australians gamble every week, this is a massive issue and one which needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. These people will be wasting thousands of Dollars a year […]

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