June 6, 2017

Bet365 Brings In 90 New Employees

This is no surprise to us in the gambling world as it is pretty obvious that Bet365 is currently looking to expand its company and reach a wider audience. They have been looking for specific staff members to help the continuing expansion of the online section of the bookmaker. There has already been lots of employment around the business with at least 60 new workers recently joining the company. Although in previous attempts it took much longer than expected to find new workers and give them a job. The estimated 6-12 months was nowhere near enough time and it took over a year for Bet 365 to employ all of the new staff members they needed.

They have since decided that it would be sensible to employ a further 90 people at which will work in the Manchester area. They claim that when it comes to talented developers Manchester is hard to beat and because of this they have set their expectations at a high level. This will mean two things, first off their business will start to attract more experienced and educated employees from around the country and their work and other aspects of the business will also improve massively. Also employing the best possible staff members is very important to increase productivity and ensure that everything is done a quickly and professionally as possible. Plus if you then need them to do any other jobs it’s more likely that will be possible, saving you the money it would cost to employ somebody else to do it.

Bet365 are looking for a wide array of employees in their latest search and there is a role to suit everybody. These include Team Leaders, Junior and Senior developers, Tech Leaders and Project Managers. Because of their reputation as the first major online, live odds bookmaker, it is much easier for them compared to other gambling companies to employ the best people currently looking for a job.

Although it may not look like it is from the outside, Bet 365 is a massive online company which successfully processes thousands of bets a day. According to Hughes their average Saturday online is busier than most major companies Black Friday will be. This proves the sheer number of transactions that are completed and shows why these extra staff members are key in making sure everything runs smoothly.

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