April 23, 2017

Australia Set To Ban Betting Advertisements In Live Sporting TV Broadcasts

Australia is set to ban all betting advertisements and say that they can no longer be shown in live sporting events. This is an attempt to try and reduce the number of gamblers as well as trying to stop young people become regular gamblers. This will have a massive effect on the amount of betting advertisements you see on television, as they are shown much more when a live sporting event is being played to try and persuade the viewer to place a bet!

Many sporting bodies claim this ban will do absolutely nothing when it comes to reducing the number of gamblers in Australia. One of our sources even went as far to say that it will cost the Australian people/government money. If the number of gamblers stays the same but they chose to use online betting companies that aren’t based in Australia (because they haven’t been advertised) the amount of tax earned through the business will drop massively! Plus if it isn’t actually affecting the number of bets being placed then what is the point in losing this extra revenue?

As I’m sure you could’ve guessed the proposed ban has affected many aspects of sport and TV; seen as Footballs biggest source of income is currently coming from the media (TV, online, radio etc) this could affect every team around the country. Malcolm Speed (executive director of the coalition of Major professional and participation sports) massively opposes the ban. Saying that it will “impact on media rights deals or the value of media rights, which is sports greatest asset”.

Many people have made the point that if this ban does, in fact, come into play it will have no effect on a number of advertisements we see for gambling companies. Their budget will still be the same just spent in different areas. Instead of seeing an advert at half time in the footie they will start popping up on every website, bus stop and anywhere else you can think of! If this is going to be the case then the only thing that this ban will do is take money away from football, television and the Australian government!

The government has already taken a strong stance on this subject and said that the ban is more than likely to take place. Although they will be willing to try and compensate for some of the losses free-to-air TV networks will be hit by. They will do this by lowering license fees although it doesn’t look as if the same will be offered to subscription TV networks (Sky sports, ESPN etc). We have yet to hear what a major bookkeeper although I’m sure you will be able to predict the stance they’ll take on this ban as it will have a detrimental effect on the number of customers they gain through TV advertisements